mlm’s menagerie #19 while you were sleeping: watching the Dream you are Dreaming



Artist: Martin Stranka

watching the dream you are dreaming

I watch you, as you lay sleeping

wondering of what you are dreaming

0n cliff, ocean far below, intent on leaping

why is a date with the devil worth keeping

I find you bloody,  barely breathing

you are convinced that life needs leaving

my love could not stand such a cleaving

so resigned to death, our hearts stop beating

would only that such a dream be fleeting

but each night, it sends its ominous greeting

so through your breath, death comes creeping

mlm’s memagerie Wordle 19: chiffon dresses


let the dulcet sounds surround her

 chiffon dresses

Annie loved to wear the chiffon dresses her mother used to possess. Bright yellow dandelion, shimmery ocean blue, deepest cobalt. She would match the colour with a necklace, shoes and a handbag.

Dresses and jewelry were packed away in the farthest corner of the basement. Playing sleuth, she uncovered these treasures.

Late at night, when she was sure no one could hear, she put a record on the old player, and listened to the dulcet sounds surround her.

On humid nights, the dresses clung to her sweaty skin. Still, she might dance until the vitellus morning light crept through the grimy windows.

She recognized these were the halcyon days. Soon, she would be working nights, earning money like her mother did to buy those chiffon dresses.