days of future past towards healing

Originally written for 31 Days of five minute free writes.

As I suggested, there might be some unpublished free writes from towards healing. This one is particularly special and not “on the list” as the topic for the day. It is so eerily true, it was difficult to put down my emotions and describe this younger self in 5 minutes. It’s a post I might expand upon some day.

Days of Future Past: Towards Healing

 I recognized her from a distance. The body posture, head down, obvious to the world around her.

All she knew was her pain as she wrapped her arms around herself.Walking fast, she thought of home. It wasn’t a haven, but it had doors to slam. A stash of pills, then she could pick up her pencil and pen. Draw. Write. The stories that no one would ever see.

I knew her so well because she was me.

I sent her mental messages: “Don’t wait. Get help now. You don’t have to live through those years of pain, loneliness, feeling worthless. Call a teen help-line or crisis center. If there is a level of trust and it feels safe, talk a counselor or teacher at school. But please get help.”

As we passed each other, she looked down, unable to make eye contract. I looked straight at her, smiled, and sent her the message. “You are worth it!”