fairy tale friday #31: a millennium

By Kristy Mitchell

Kristy Mitchell

a millennium

It must be a millennium by now. Any time now that new volunteer would blunder through the woods to my perch.

This branch over time turned my skin a delicate soft white. My hair has designed it’s-self a style intertwined like the roots of the tree.

My clothes have become a bit sparse. Not one to reveal much, I look forward to my long wide dresses again.

Surprises. No where’s as dull as I figured. The rootlets sang ancient songs on solstices. The roots vibrated with life force. Minerals in the soil clinging to the leaning tree glistened and glowed.

And, hey, I, yes me, even learned stuff. How the stars keep their shine. Why lemons are bitter. How to chose the right path. What your eyes say about you.

The Tree and I often talked though no words were spoken.

I am the guardian of the Tree. Keeping the Tree of Life; of Magic from toppling to the ground.

The Tree needs a companion so loneliness doesn’t create the upheaval of roots, like before.

The volunteer guardians, for their duty, receive an appropriate present, carved by the royal carver from branches given freely by the tree. But hey, what would I do with a wooden brooch?

It must be a millennium by now. Hope my replacement is late; the Tree is going to tell me a tale from the cycle of the Myriads, which apparently has 1,000 poems or pages. I forget which.


Anja has been choosing phenomenal pictures as our fairy tale prompts. The Kristy Mitchell one for prompt 31 is especially haunting to me. I was completely drawn into the picture, and needed to shake my head to come back to my now.

tale weaver #31,the light: bonfire

into the night

the significance of bonfires 

Until our ancient ancestors discovered fire and created bonfires for cooking food, providing light, and safety from the animals of the night, moonscapes and starscapes represented the only light.

On the night of November 5th, 1605 Guy Fawkes was caught guarding the explosives, part of the gunpowder plot to blow up the House of Lords. The thwarted plot is still celebrated by lighting fires on November 5th. Newfoundland, a British colony until it joined Canada in 1949, celebrates Guy Fawkes Day, lighting huge bonfires, with some staying up to dawn.

Burning a witch (or people of the “wrong” religion who wouldn’t recant) started with the creation of a wood and straw base for the bonfire of death.

In the days before lighthouse shone their light into the night sky, bonfires were set both by honest folks to show the boat to the harbor, and by smugglers to wreck the ship and gain the “treasure.”

Other places, the dead are burned on a pyre out of respect and tradition.

Books have been burnt on bonfires; people’s possessions used to fan the flames. Bonfires can be symbols of dark as well as light.

I’ve been part of large bonfires by the sea, watching how each face is illuminated by the flames. I’ve sat around small bonfires, and talked philosophy, told stories, watched sparks rise up through the night sky to become stars.

Bonfires are for warmth, for celebration (not just on November 5th), respect.

Death, power, hatred, misunderstanding, punishment, demoralization.

The name bonfire comes from “the burning of bones.”

There are no bonfires in my life now.

I need a bonfire to light my way.

With no idea where.


This is a tale that touches on the themes of Tale Weaver’s 31st prompt: light. I chose to use bonfires as symbols of illumination; light; culture practices of (hands on) sacred rites; being drawn-home. As well as some of the evilness and darkness bonfires can represent. The information is personal knowledge and from Wikipedia

mindlovemisery’s menagerie photo challenge 31, liberty: Thy Liberty

Liberty 31

Catrin Welz Stein

Thy Liberty

If you would give me thy liberty

I would give thee moonbeams to tie up thine hair

I would give thee pearls for decoration

I would give thee stars for highlights

I would give thee clouds for softening

I would give thee a white dove to bring back strands to me

written for mindlovemisery’s menagerie photo challenge 31, liberty