Blog Carnival #26 – I’m Thankful For…


A simple cut and paste on my part:

Blog Carnival #26 – I’m Thankful For…

Meditating on thankfulnessHere at ChronicBabe HQ love to hear you Babes talk about the things that inspire thankfulness in you. You know, those things that keep you going when the going gets tough. We also know that when things get really bad, it can be hard to remember what those things are, so we decided to help you reconnect with your attitude of gratitude for this edition of the blog carnival.

Most of all, we believe a regular connection to thankfulness can help us all remember how many wonderful things keep us strong and help us show others that they have just as many wonderful things in their lives that can support and nurture them too. Which is just what this collection of your posts does:

And, I’m thankful for a forum like It’s an awesome community of chronics with a lot of advice, wisdom, humo(u), creativity, endurance to share. Individually, and as a community, they empower, and they encourage. If you haven’t stopped by the site or one of their blog carnivals, I highly recommend that you do!