I can read minds


JW Waterhouse

I read minds

for a dollar I’ll tell you what what goes on in your head

but you already know

your grand conclusions; your elegant entrances; your warm enticements; your inelegant appetites

For a 2 dollars, I’ll read her mind

don’t you want to know what goes on in her head

her erotic dreams; what makes her coo and purr

what is her grand conclusion; her entry onto your stage; her choice of costume; her choice of man   

make hers as clear as crystalline rock to you      

I can read minds,

you see

yours so clear and contrite

compact and concise

and hers

as vast as the cosmos, deep as oceanic trenches

as bright as a bird of paradise, as brilliant as sea diamonds and ice cloaks

she needs no costume, no stage, no enticement

she will see clear through you; she can read minds too

In response to Music Prompt #29 “Read My Mind” by The Killers

one word photo challenge: barn


Barns on the farm before the large gray one had to come down. Scary to walk in at the time picture was taken. Used to explore anyway!


An abandoned house turned into a barn. (A barn stands along side)

winter on the farm

Winter on the farm with a barn

Entering into Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge: Barn (February 9, 2016)