collage 22: distortions

Collage 22

Passageways are distortions; so elongated when not shared

by two as one.

Why did you let me misunderstand?

Why not turn the mirror and show me

who you saw; while I squinted at distorted bullet-glass?

A fluid kiss upon the lips, a held hand, a kitchen-waltz

any might have rattled my perceptions.

Why didn’t you shake me, or

take me in your arms

(even if in a stagger)

to your narrow bed and

whisper your desire?

Another exquisite collage created by Yves for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Writing Prompt 157, Collage 22. Thanks for the Shel Silverstein quote. An amazing poet, song writer, story-teller, cartoonist. Time for a Shel-fest/feast.




sable island tilus

Usually I don’t start working on the prompt before I have finished reading it all the through. But, as soon as I saw the video upon which this week’s prompt rested, I knew what I’d write about. So I skipped everything, including Paloma’s poem. Which is wonderfully expressive of the life of a wild island pony.  And my very first tilus!

And, to give a bit of context for those unfamiliar with the wild ponies of  Sable Island, I’ve included links to some videos, and the Parks Canada website. Unfortunately, a 1958 short documentary fought with me, til I let it win. Hopefully the link will take you to the NFB site to watch the film “Sable Island,” by Allan Wargon. 

When ever I think of these ponies, whose future, though now protected, is uncertain, I feel the sea tang, hear the dune grass whisper, and think of survival, determination and spirit. And, I think of freedom; of the wild in all of us.

Sable Island ponies

sand wind grass


Seven wild horses walking on dunes.

@ Parks Canada

Wild ponies, Sable Island, Nova Scotia (photo by John deVisser)

Hopefully link leds to documentary!

Rick Mercer, Canadian comedian visits Sable Island

radio clip

Inspired & fond remembories conjured by B & P’s Shadorma & Beyond: wild ponies at Assateague Island

Working on some blog changes as pictures have disappeared, so maybe it’s time for some house cleaning and a new slide show.

To wild ponies.