5/5 Challenge: No Such Thing as Freedom

Day 3 of the 5/5 Challenge: Theme: “No Such Thing as Freedom”

{I am in a very strange mood today. If you look at my submission for Sunday Photo Fiction, the confusion of my mind will come clear.}

Vampire Plants

We knew this was our last chance.

We knew they had spies. No way to demarcate those traitors.

You watch your neighbour while he watches you. Trick the tricksters.

Ten of us gathered in the town square. When the sun slipped over the horizon and the church bell rang 7:00, we started.

The county park lolled in the morning sun. Toasting one side then the other.

The bravest soul of all had painted the lines. No sign of her now.

Raising our stakes about our heads, we condemn the vampire weeds to hell.

Their tentacled roots had twisted. They will come again.

{word count: 100}

Longitude and Latitude

Another bit of Sunday fun from Sunday Photo Fictioner. I think my entry falls under “prosetry” written through stream of consciousness.

So for Sunday, July 5, here goes, a barely edited piece of flash:

The Waterfront in Cumbria, along with exact locationThe spot. The actual spot.

Where you got lost. Quadrants stamped in my memory. Longitude and latitude so clearly marked. You know geography.

You should find your way home. Instead, I look for you.

Search under rocks, behind statuary, inside sidewalk cracks. You’ve been spirited away.

Press ganged. Stolen. Kidnapped. “Disappeared.”

Amnesia. Psychosis. Avoidance. Misery.

No e-cards. No email. No face book chatter. No selfie. No self.

I seek your hand to bring you home.

I visit the place where the geographer dropped his compass.

Where the worm hole starts. Where the parallel universes meet.

Where your mind starts fading into a shimmering specter.

When you realize why you are here.

You haunt the place of your dying.

Before the midnight bell is wrung. {124 confused words in search of an author.}