frosty nights and sweet delights: 2 blog carnivals to enjoy

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Songs delight, northe300px-Carnival_1961rn lights, frosty nights: the chronic babe “let’s embrace” winter-themed blog carnival.

The theme of the December headache & migraine carnival is “How can we make the holidays special despite the need to limit our migraine triggers?” Six folks share their “tips and tricks” for the holiday season.


While you’re there, read about the themes for their next carnivals: jenni at wants to know “how you are making the most of the new year,” while the headache & migraine theme is “taking charge of our migraines.” Why not curl up with your laptop and blog about the year to come.

And, by the way, the Patients for A Moment Blog Carnival is “the year in review.” Check out Getting Closer to Myself for details: submission due on December 19th.


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