on friendship, affirmations, and happy places

on dragonfly wings and buttercup tea writes poetry of the first order; haikus are her specialty. The one she wrote recently on friendship, “shelters from the storms” really resonates. And, as she wonderfully points out, Sunday, August 7 was international and national friendship day in her post: happy friendship day!

I managed to sleep thru it, so a belated happy friendship day to all! (Becca and I think it really should be friendship week so we can have time to say hello to all our friends in the universe and the cyberverse. Chronics can take a bit longer to do what normals achieve in a flash!)

purple persuasion’s  amazing list of the 10 supportive things I’m glad someone said to me and the incredibly emotive and evocative comments the post generated (88 and counting!) are fantastic. Although the author is dealing with depression, I think you’ll find that the words/phrases she found most affirming apply to chronics of all sorts. We are often struggling to find ways our friends, colleagues, and family can express/communicate their care, compassion and concern. This list will be of assistance!

Kathy’s wonderful PFAM blog carnival on finding/achieving/embracing your happy place. Folks’ happy places range from beaches to simple pleasures; from places yet to be defined to the old and familiar. You can’t read these blogs without smiling, and finding yourself traveling to your own special happy place. She has set the bar high; I’m nervous about my hosting PFAM on September 7. Look for a call for submissions around August 25; in the meantime, the next PFAM blog carnival will be hosted by tales of rachel.


5 thoughts on “on friendship, affirmations, and happy places

  1. phylor August 12, 2011 / 9:34 pm

    Well, it’s for PFAM (Patients for a Moment) so it’ll be health related and since I’m hosting it there will be some aspect of being a chronic. I have one idea I’ll probably use with a 2nd in my back pocket, just in case I decide the first one is too lame, tough, or boring! Let you in on the secret topic on the 25th — oir sooner if you offer a bribe, lol.


  2. beaknfeather August 10, 2011 / 6:10 pm

    Great post, Phylor! So you’re hosting a blog carnival in Sept? Hmmm, may be a great time to return to blogging. Don’t be nervous. Your writing is excellent, and you’ve honed your blogging skills; you have nothing to fear.
    What, praytell, is the subject of your blog carnival?


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