sunshine and chaos: passing on my 1st candle light award

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{disclaimer: I cut and pasted from a blog that had issues with background and print colo(u)r. I’ve tried to fix the issues where I can, but I’m still a neophyte at this even though I’ve been at it for awhile; I’m just not technosavy.


There are so many blogs and bloggers that I find inspiring, that I wasn’t sure where to start – in other words, who to give my 1st candle light award to. As Kate Kresse suggests, pass the award along to anyone you feel deserves/has earned the award.

Given her themed inspirational Sunday quotes (which so often touch on aspects of my life and what I’m going through), and her sense of humo(u)r which she passes along. Her completion of the NHBPM Challenge (30 health posts in 30 days), her kindness and thoughtfulness, her willingness to discuss her chronic illnesses and to pass along links to important resources for folks dealing with chronic illnesses, my first nominee for a candle lighter award goes to Sunshine and Chaos.

I have cut and pasted from Kate Kresse (the originator of the award), and Becca Givens, a recent recipient, and a bit from my acceptance to pass along to Sunshine and Chaos so she can understand the award, pass it along if she likes, and to let her know that her blogging is appreciated, inspiring, and very special to me.

Becca of On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea recently received the
Candle lighter Award, which drew me to Kate Kresse’s blog, Believe Anyway. Becca writes that Kate has said: My purpose is to light a candle in the darkness that envelopes us all at times. I want to lighten loads and light the way. I gravitate towards positive people and positive blogs. I want to start a blog award that reflects my love for the positive in the blogosphere.”

Kate writes of herself as: “. . .
a wife, mother, tutor, writer, friend and faith-filled lady. I am still…a perennial optimist. . . .The purpose of my blog is to inspire, share ideas, express my thoughts, and uplift myself and others. It is my fervent hope that my blog, on my best days, will light the proverbial candle in the darkness. On other days it will at least get some of my thoughts onto electronic paper and stop them from just knocking around in my head.”

Her candle lighters mission: “. . . is for blogs and bloggers that light a candle in the darkness with their blog. What does it mean? Whenever I see a post or blog that I think brings light to the world, I will put a copy of this post and give them The Candle Lighter Award.”

Kate asks little of the winner – to link back to her comments when the blog has been posted, and to, of course, if you choose, to pass the award along to anyone you feel deserves it. You can award it as many times as you like, all that Kate asks is that you link your post back to her site.

I was having trouble adding the badge to my blog page. Becca graciously sent me instructions, as did Kate: “[I] am going to put some instructions for the badge
here : Let me know how it goes. you can also go to her site for additional help if her instructions don’t help.”

So, here’s to Sunshine and Chaos, my 1st candle lighter award nominee. I already have my 2nd nominee in mind, so stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “sunshine and chaos: passing on my 1st candle light award

    • sunshine and chaos January 12, 2012 / 1:18 pm

      Oh crap! I got a new keyboard that has a wrist rest and the fingers are still adjusting to things. At least the first comment made sense. lol.

      Thank you, I’m in the middle of reading your email as well and will be replying shortly. This is such a wonderful idea, it’s like a little light and warmth is added to our hearts.

      Thanks again.



    • phylor January 13, 2012 / 10:42 am

      You are most welcome. Good luck getting used to the new keyboard — I always find that a challenge!


  1. dogear6 January 11, 2012 / 11:34 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! Love your award and will check out your site more later (I’m still at work, approaching a 15 hour day).



  2. Kate Kresse January 11, 2012 / 1:48 pm

    Look at you!! you got that Candle Lighter Badge to go right on your blog!! Hooray! When I succeeded in doing that myself I was SO excited :-). Glad you passed the award on. I will list sunshine and chaos on my list today.


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