Curious flowers posted a wonderful, imaginative, intriguing list of “50 things I’m grateful for.” Thanks so much for sharing!

There are days, I know I’m hard pressed to find one thing I’m grateful for, so 50? Which of course got me thinking and for me, thinking can be a dangerous thing.

So, here’s my list . . . incomplete, inelegant, random order/organized chaos and rather eclectic, but then that’s me!

  1. Snow drops. Determination, hope, and rebirth in death of winter.
  2. Birds. (Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is coming; but until that horrible time) birdsong is magic.
  3. Dragonflies. Iridescent prisms on summer’s day.
  4. Butterflies. Colours, patterns, tiny tickle on skin when they perch.
  5. Coffee. Food group, socially-acceptable addiction, warm hug.
  6. Living in an apple orchard. Garden in summer, eagles in winter, perfume in spring, harvest in fall.
  7. Dogs who adopt. Walks, conversations, and companionship without the sneezes.
  8. Keji National and Thomas Raddall Provincial Parks. Canoeing just after dawn, hiking among towering hemlocks, beach scrabble paths, special places.
  9. Beaches. Slap-sand-walking, tide’s turning, sea tang, shells and sea glass.
  10. Words, sentences, paragraphs, pages. Transportation without motion.
  11. Synchronicities/synchronisms. Smiles that just happen.
  12. Serendipities. Magic without conjuring.
  13. Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. A person transmuted.
  14. Beaches. Slap-sand-walking, sea tang, tides’ turning, shells and sea glass.
  15. Ocean. Sky-sea horizons, music of waves.
  16. Illustrated manuscripts. Writing as art; art as writing.
  17. Eye glasses. Vision corrected.
  18. Creeks and streams. Flash, sparkle, liveliness, life.
  19. Imagination. Fairy kingdoms, other planets, other lives.
  20. Visualization. Close eyes and go.
  21. Cyberverse. Connections, communities, endless horizons.
  22. Solstice and equinox. Ancient rhythms and changing seasons.
  23. Music. Rhythm and rhyme (especially rhyme).
  24. Last 10 years before Dad passed. Reconnecting, warped humours, Stanley Cups, World Series.
  25. Friends. Real world, virtual world, imaginary, new, old, forever.
  26. Teaching. Learning from students.
  27. Beaker. (Muppet not lab vessel.) “In-due-bub-bley.”
  28. Sleep. Unconscious, unaware, blissful.
  29. Museums and graveyards. Pasts preserved, stories told, passages welcomed.
  30. Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks. Nature as perfect art.
  31. Redwoods. Thousand years, thousands of feet holding sky in place.
  32. Jewelweed. Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, attraction.
  33. Mystery novels. Guessing in other peoples’ worlds.
  34. Crossword puzzles. Challenging cognitiveness.
  35. Quiet.
  36. Planting. Earthy, fingernail-dirty, digging.
  37. Solitude. Contemplation and self-hug.
  38. Jewelry. Baubles, bracelets, beads.
  39. Stuffed animals. Friends whenever needed.
  40. Photographs. Capturing, collecting, windows.
  41. Walking. Exploration, transportation, exhilaration.
  42. Laughter. Tickle that hugs.
  43. Snowflakes. Reflecting uniqueness.

. . .

copyright @ phylor 2014


6 thoughts on “gratitudenesses

  1. wendy February 18, 2014 / 11:00 pm

    You really like Beaches, you can tell I really read your list…number 9 and 14 are really close. : ) But as much as I love the Beach, it deserves being mentioned twice!

    I’m grateful for you.. I was keeping gratitude journal. Just jots of things from the day and then things I was grateful for that day.
    The things I’m grateful for now are not the same as things I used to be….but I’m grateful I had the time with the things I used to be grateful for. Yeah…that made sense right?

    Like lying down and looking at the stars on a clear night, no sense of real direction, just losing myself in the twinkling lights that existed so long ago…the beauty of the monochromatic masterpiece. Now if I try to just stare at the stars I get vertigo. But I’m grateful I had that opportunity. I remember lying on a dock hearing the water slosh below me, no lights around except for the stars, watching the most wonderful meteor shower. *a little smile to myself that would make people wonder what I’m thinking about if they looked at me.*

    thank you.


  2. buildingalifeofhope February 7, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    I could not agree more! Your “list” has a wonderful poetic feel to it. Very nice indeed!


    • phylor February 8, 2014 / 3:23 pm

      Thank you. I’m a list maker; this time it’s one I felt I could share.


    • phylor February 6, 2014 / 12:47 pm

      Thanks for the inspiration! We all need to take that deep inward breath to ground ourselves in what we have rather than what we don’t.


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