Please Help Ruthie MaE

Ruthie Mae

Ruthie Mae is a very special dog. She is the assist dog and companion of a very special person. Ruthie Mae enables Michelle, despite her chronic illnesses and disability, to live a full, independent life.

As Michelle writes:

She inspires me.  She gets me outside.  She helps me want to keep going when sickness and all that comes with that, gets me down, and it does get a person down.

But, Ruthie Mae has health issues of her own. She has a rare, but treatable digestive disorder, Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE). As a result, she must eat only special canned dog food that comes with a high price tag. As well, there is Ruthie Mae’s vet bill.

That’s why Michelle has set up a “gofundme” page for Ruthie Mae: Help the Sweetest Dog in the World. More of Ruthie Mae’s story is also found on Face Book: Ruthie Mae’s Tender Tummy, and Michelle’s blog: Dogkisses.

Photo: My Beautiful Girl

What ever amount you can give to help provide Ruthie Mae with her prescription dog food, existing and future vet bills, will be very much appreciated.

I think you will agree, after reading Ruthie Mae and Michelle’s story at the sites listed above, that both are very special and deserve compassion and assistance.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Please Help Ruthie MaE

  1. dogkisses March 6, 2014 / 8:22 pm

    Wow!!! Thanks so much, phy, for sharing this on your blog! That makes me feel good and gives me hope too. Like, I’m not completely alone in this.

    I wonder if I should share my campaign on my blog? Do you think I should?

    Also, I would like to make a video, or something, to share more about Ruthie. I wrote so much! I had to edit, several times, trying to make it shorter. I was just watching videos of success stories, and you’d be amazed at what people do give and often, it is something you wouldn’t think would be on a fundraising page, but everybody is different and people like to give to things they feel good about.

    It is people who don’t have much money though that want most to give. I don’t want anyone to feel badly if they can’t give, or guilty if they don’t, you know?

    Thanks again and if you have any ideas, I’m open.

    You are so special!

    Michelle and Ruthie Mae.


    • phylor March 6, 2014 / 9:13 pm

      You more than welcome. I just thought I’d like to help Ruthie Mae.
      I think you could share on your blog — that way folks will know how Ruthie Mae is doing, and your campaign.
      If you could make a video and add it to your gofundme and facebook page, I think it would be great. Folks are so used to videos (Youtube!) now; even news stories are based on Youtube videos! It might even widen the exposure.
      I wonder if any of the local media would be interested? Newspaper, community tv, local tv news/local interest channels, that sort of thing.
      I guess there’s no national network of folks whose dogs have the condition? It would be great, too, if Hill’s carried stories about the dogs who need their dog food (or do they?).
      I don’t have many facebook friends, but I did invite some of them who would be the most interested in your campaign. Unfortunately, the only rich people I know are my in-laws, and of them, I can think of only one who would part with his money (and his wife probably wouldn’t think it was such a great idea!).
      It would also be a great project for a class (kids learning about dogs, diseases, helping others, organizing to raise money and awareness, etc) or a kids’ organization like the girl guides.
      I used to be an assistant editor for an academic journal, so if you need help editing in the future, just let me know.
      Any way, just some ideas that come to mind. I think you’ve done a great job! Your write ups are very good and explain both how special Ruthie Mae is, her health issues, and the need to ask folks for help.
      I hope that you get the donations you need! If I can help in any way, just let me know.


  2. wendy March 6, 2014 / 12:22 pm

    My heart goes out to Ruthie Mae. I wish we could help, even just a little….maybe soon. This is something we would gladly give to. Thank you for spreading the word, I hope it helps!


    • phylor March 6, 2014 / 2:55 pm

      I feel the same way — I thought I would spread the word as my contribution for now.


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