#HAWMC 15: taglines

Since my blog title gives no clues as to the contents, I’ve had several different taglines over the years.

My current one: “pain, poetry, bipolar, prose (and a little whimsy on the side)” was an attempt to sum up what happens on my blog, and with me.

#HAWMC 15’s prompt is to come up with a tagline for your blog or your health condition/issues. I’ve a mix of chronic illnesses taglines and potential blogs titles and taglines.

Bipolar 2: I’m not “crazy,” the disorder is!

Chronic Pain: I have chronic pain, it doesn’t have me.

Chronic Illness Warrior Princess: battling dragons, demons and every day life

X-ray glasses: “seeing” invisible illness




One thought on “#HAWMC 15: taglines

  1. sunshine and chaos April 18, 2014 / 10:58 am

    I like Chronic Illness Warrior Princess. Some days it certainly feels like you have to take on that persona to deal with all things related to chronic illness.


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