tale weavers prompt #5 Slang: Q13, trouble is thy name

Randis Albion @Deviant Art

Some of my fondest and funniest memories of sci fi involve the bar scenes: original Star Trek – fight with the Klingons and in the movie when Bones, carrying Spock’s “mind” in his brain, is looking for a ship to go into forbidden territory. And, of course, the classic bar scene in the original Star Wars when Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi are also looking for a ship. It probably doesn’t say much for my character to mention that the Star Wars bar reminded me of several places I went to drink!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

It wasn’t that, as Yardbuzz insisted, I felt too high-class to go beyond low-class to no class and frequent the Bars in Quadrant 13. A couple of rallods would buy you a pint of tugtor. Of course, something the barkeeper made in the basement, not like the laitkcocs of the classier joints.

It’s just that trouble always found me in Q13, and not trouble of my own making. Like this story explains.

Wasn’t my idea to go bar-skipping in Q13; helix, no! But, Dahlia was insistent. I figured she was looking to score some neutrino, and that was the Q13 attraction.

You all know what sevids Q13 bars are, so I don’t need to go into detail about our surroundings when Dahlia had bar-skipped enough, and was ready to get down to some serious refulling.

After a few pitchers of tugtor, our rallods was running low, and no bar in Q13 worth it’s grimox, recognized the quizits that came into use after ytrap aet bullied folks into gnitcele them as supreme comptrollers. So, Yardbuzz had the bright idea of sending Astroide out into the streets and alleys of Q13 to see how well she could do at begging.

Painfully thin, pinched looking face, skin ashen from neutron-tripping (once, okay, lots of times too many), we all agreed it was a good plan. Of course, after a few pitchers of tugtor, almost anything seemed like a good plan. Yardbuzz went along to watch her back, and we settled in to watch the live entertainment – not on stage, but unfolding in the world swirling around our table. Who needed Walimax glasses; Q13 had more drama, erotica, tension, story arcs, fight scenes, and disgusting behaviours.

They came back smiling. In half a , she had earned almost 50 rallods “Going to quit my day job,” she laughed. We knew she didn’t have one. Everyone in her department and been replicated and replaced last national ytrap aet day.

Folks could still buy and smoke spacedust in Q13. Who was gonna stop ‘em? That, and the tugtor went to my head, so slowly got up and made my way outside. I sat down on a less dirty piece of the sidewalk, and leaned the back of my head against the least dirty spot on the wall.

Two guys, obviously fraddleparted, were cursing and calling each other names I won’t repeat, as they staggered out the bar door. A few sloppy punches thrown while they came closer to my resting spot.

I didn’t want any part of this, and, since they hadn’t noticed me yet, I figured I could just slip away. As I stood up – WOMP – one their fists finally connected – with my right eye!

No point in doing anything other than wander back in, grab a faux laitkcocs, twice the price of tugtor, and figure out how to explain the blackening eye without mentioning Q13. I told you, trouble ALWAYS finds me in Quadrant 13, and not of my own making!

{This tale of a real experience back when I was too young to be going to taverns. The place served 25 cent glasses of beer; we really did send someone out to beg money so we could keep drinking, and yes, I was outside getting fresh air when wham – black eye! Now trying to explain that to my parents!}


@ phylor 2014


2 thoughts on “tale weavers prompt #5 Slang: Q13, trouble is thy name

    • phylor April 27, 2014 / 9:04 am

      The bar does (or at least used to) in Ottawa, Ontario. The story is basically true, but we drank .25 cent glasses of beer, not tortug!


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