#HAWMC 28: dear me

I’ve written to my 16 year old self before, and like a teen-ager, she just won’t listen! So, I find myself writing to her yet again. Perhaps this time, she’ll listen.

Dear Me:

At 16, you already know physical and emotional pain. The scars will haunt you, shadow you, and make you suffer.

So start now to take good care of yourself. I don’t know if that will stop the first IBS attack in 1978, or forestall nerve damage in your neck with the pain referred to the left side of your face in 1998. I don’t know if you can slow down endometriosis, break free of migraines, or not have rosacea. Yoga, proper diet, exercise (more than walking), dance, tai chi, martial arts can help with co-ordination, balance, physical and mental health.

I don’t know if that will mean psychologically, emotionally, and mentally, you will hurt less, believe in yourself more, have confidence, friends, boyfriends, and fun. But 16 isn’t too young to think about seeing a mental health professional. You are more traumatized than you realize. And it won’t get any better as time rolls on.

So, 16-year-old self (who listens to no one!) take a moment to ponder how taking care of yourself now might make your later me (me) feel better mentally and physically. I’d certainly enjoy that!

Take good care




I love dialogue. Do you?

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