#HAWMC 29: Summertime. Time to . . .

{written 29 April 2014; posted 30 April 2014}

Summertime. Time to watch the spring-planted seeds pushing through the earth in planters and pots to become sunflowers, shasta daisies, and hot peppers. Time to smell the wildflowers, seeds earlier scattered throughout the garden, and watch them nod their heads to sweet summer breezes.

Summertime. Time for train trips to the nature preserve, to meditate on a sun-warmed bench. Time for walks in leaf and sun patterned woods. Time to count the fish wriggling in the creek. Time for photographs to remember the season.

Summertime. Time for farmers markets. Time for heritage tomatoes, sweet corn, peaches, and other wonderous fruits of the earth. Time for big bunches of flowers, loaves of fresh bread, cinnamon buns, coffee, lemonade.

Summertime. Time for cooking and eating out of doors. Time for tangy marinades, sizzling proteins, perfume of herbs and sauces. Time for picnic knapsacks: bottles of water and juice; paper towel napkins; fresh bakery muffins or scones; tiny pats of butter and recyclable knives.

Summertime. Time to dream about. Time to listen for. Time to anticipate. Time to watch for. Time to smile about. Time to wish for. Time to plan for. Time to be.


3 thoughts on “#HAWMC 29: Summertime. Time to . . .

    • phylor April 30, 2014 / 7:41 pm

      It’s a dull, rainy day so I tried to think of all the bright, sunny things about summer! Made the day seem less dreary.


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