#HAWMC 30: I did it (if this posts)

If I post this (don’t want to tempt fate!) I will have done something unique and amazing. I will have done battle with my inertia demon that doesn’t let me start/do/finish many, many, many tasks – even pleasurable ones. And every day, I won a small victory – I wrote a post based on the #HAWMC prompts for 30 days straight (with the occasional one a day late).

This demon likes to overwhelm me, make me anxious and self-defeatist. He won’t let me come “unstuck,” and has made sure that I haven’t followed through with commitments, ideas, challenges, crafts, ordinary daily tasks, important projects. In other words, this demon doesn’t like feelings of accomplishment, achievement, pride, satisfaction, movement forward. I battle him every day, usually lose.

However, my small victories add up to something huge. I did it!!!!! What ever sword and shield I wielded had some magical metal. I’m sitting here, at the computer, smiling. That doesn’t happen all that often. Neither does the empowerment!

Thanks for another #HAWMC. Thanks for helping me move forward. I think my toes are now emerging from the sticky goop the demon has planted my feet in.

& by the way, my favorite prompt: this one as it marks (hopefully) 30 days of achievement, the first commitment I’ve completed in a very long time.


2 thoughts on “#HAWMC 30: I did it (if this posts)

  1. sunshine and chaos April 30, 2014 / 7:31 pm

    Congratulations. that’s a big accomplishment! And a wonderful victory to enjoy!


    • phylor April 30, 2014 / 7:40 pm

      Thanks! Feels nice to win at something!


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