phylor’s phlash phiction*

One of the things doing a month-long writing challenge is how important brevity is. Not altruistically for the reader, but for the comfort of the writer!

I want to explore “flash fiction” more; the concept of telling a story (based on a visual or word prompt) with only 100 to 200 words! This is, for someone like me who is long winded and tells stories that seem to grow rather than compact, is a very difficult challenge. But one I’m going to take on!

So, whether there is a word limit or no set by the prompter, I will try to keep my response/blog post to 300 words or less. There may be times I will give myself an additional 200 words – it will depend, I suspect, on the story I dream up in my head.**

I always told my students to be concise, clear, communicative. It’s time to do what I taught.

* thanks J/J for the idea of the title

** chapters for the novella may run longer, but a caveat with be included

word count: 179


I love dialogue. Do you?

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