mindlovemisery wordle 7: the chimera


Her hands shook; she wasn’t sure from nervousness, fear, or excitement. She had stumbled across the jar missing for a millennia in the upper most regions of the tower, that crumbling structure on the barren plain.

Both were chimera; stuff of stories around night fires, mysterious marks on ancient maps, mentions in early writings. Nothing to base sound archeological study on. She knew the chill of her colleagues skepticism; whispers questioning her stability as a result of perceived erratic behaviour. If she could prove even a portion of the legend was based in fact . . .

During hot days, carefully drawing and documenting positions of finds, including the precious jar of life, her reserves of strength and purposefulness of exploration kept all other emotions from flooding her mind. Chill night always brought the anguish, the loneliness, the regret.

“It was only a sprain,” he said, wincing after slipping down the rocky rise. Despite her admonishments to go back, he insisted on continuing. But the sprain was really a break, by the time she knew the extent of the infection, it was too late.

She buried him facing towards the mountains he loved. She made a marker, tied on scarves, looped bead necklaces. She promised she would be back, return with proof to show for his years of exploration and study.

“I have the jar,” she said to the wind, blowing towards the mountains. “And the seal is intact.”

{phylor’s phlash phiction word count: 238}


2 thoughts on “mindlovemisery wordle 7: the chimera

  1. phylor May 9, 2014 / 10:18 am

    Thanks — I’m experimenting with a flash fiction approach. Great list of words to try and hang together.


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