tale weaver’s prompt 7: to hear a fiddlehead fern unfolding

As a former academic who studied and taught history (North American), you’d think this prompt would be easy and require little thought. Just – bang – right to my favourite historical story.

But that’s the trouble, there are just too many stories. Too many choices. And the possibility of being “prompted” to write a lecture.

So, I’ll keep it relatively simple. I’ve always wanted to be at a point in history before light and noise pollution.

To see the cosmos as a blanket of stars across the sky. To watch the splendid moon rise and fall. To see Venus and Mars as bright points against the darkness.

To hear all the tiny sounds of nature. A chipmunk skittering through autumn leaves. Hungry noises of baby birds. Fiddlehead fern unfolding. Thirsty ground drinking rain drops.

No specific place. No specific “year.” Just to a point before we had painted the sky with light and drowned out nature.


2 thoughts on “tale weaver’s prompt 7: to hear a fiddlehead fern unfolding

  1. phylor May 11, 2014 / 3:05 pm

    There was a book/documentary about people trying to find places in North America without noise and light pollution. The closest I’ve come is camping in the National Grasslands, and just outside Yellowstone National Park.


  2. Oloriel May 11, 2014 / 12:20 pm

    This is a wonderfull yearnning which many of us share. There is less and less places like the ones you described and they are all being ‘drowned’ in the noise and polution,like you said :/


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