tale weavers prompt 8 mythology: stuck in lecture course mythology 101

“Why are we reading backward to a time when our ancestors actually believed this stuff? Let’s read forward. Those old mythological stuff was just a waste of time.”

He’d kept his expression static; no need to get singled out for a smirk or a yawn. His eyes wanted to close, his ears shut down. The timer crept by; he counted each increment.

He looked around the lecture hall. The same static faces stared at the tiny point of motion behind the dais. He imagined this old techie was to give the students more of a feeling of the past, and stupidity of the uneducated.

Next lecture he was going to come early and beat someone out of the few seats that were in pools of darkness. A chance to get some sleep, get high, and if they were quiet, she would help pass the time.

The professor droned on. Stuff about cultures, ethnicity, belief systems. The only belief system was that there was none. He supposed he should take some notes; eventually there would be some old-style test. He was convinced she was frozen between terms. What has the past for them, was the present for her.

“The most prevalent spiritualties were monotheistic. Three of the strongest belief systems held to the concept of one god-figure, his interpreters and acolytes. Yet, even with a commonality of past, these groups fought endless wars convinced that their god on their side.”

“We can rationalize, then, from their spiritual myths that these were rather primitive societies that existed on traditions, myths of existence.”

By then, he had nodded off, missing the rest of the old-fashioned lecture on old-fashioned traditions. It was a shame – even in 2114 – there are lessons to be learned from history – including religious history – which was now mythology, not theology.



@ phylor 2014


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