mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt shock and a seething rise to vengeance: Their Turn

the books of vengeance
the books of vengeance

She didn’t know how long she had been rocking on the floor. Chin drawn up to knees. Streetlight, not sunlight, now flowed through her window. She had left it open and with each burst of wind, the curtain and rain blew in.

The practical side of her said “Get up and close the window.” Unwrapped cramped arms from numb legs. Painfully standing. Crossing the room. Slamming window shut. The storm created a sea on her floor. She felt the cold wetness seep into her bare feet. The practical side said “Mop it up.”

She was too tired. “In the morning,” she reassured herself “Everything will be easier.” False words to steady her mind. To balance her being. To leave a small space for hope.

She stepped from one sea into another. A sea of ripped paper. Scraps flung into every corner. No room for her. Occupying something else’s space. “The last time” she sputtered. “The last time I’ll give them a good laugh.” Even in pieces, she read their harsh words, their condemnations.

Other writers got published. Badly written. Badly edited. Millions of copies sold. Living the good life of book signings, guest appearances on TV information and talk shows. Readings. Writers panel at conferences. Commencement addresses and graduation speeches. Honorary degrees. Retiring to the country to write yet another piece of cr. . . . . . . .

Usually, she let things slide off and slither away. But this hurt to her core and shook her beliefs. “Why them, not me,” she asked herself. “Remember, you are not good enough; not worthy.” whispered one of her inner demons.

She was not the vengeful sort. Usually.“I’ll make them sorry they messed me up.” she heard herself scream. “They aren’t going to get away with this travesty.” Where to direct her anger, her revenge. The editor who couldn’t be bothered to really read an unknown’s manuscript. The outside readers who sharpened their derogatory skills in red ink on the pages. Wrote snotty, sarcastic, uninformed critiques. She doubted they, like the editor, had read past the introduction.

Her revenge? To write a book that would shift the world of writing and publishing. The book. The illusive, perfect, game-changing contribution to literature. The book of the century. H**l, the book of the millennium.

She would make thousands of manuscript copies. Pile them in the street in front of every publishing company. Set them on fire. Dance, like ancient ancestors, in the firelight.

When she had ritualized her words, they would be ashes. The book would never be published. She had burned their chances at the best seller of 2 millenniums. She turned them down. Turned it around.

“Tomorrow, the world will be easier. Tomorrow writing will be possible. Tomorrow, I’ll begin my revenge.”

{Not in the category of Phylor’s phlash phiction: 452 words!}


2 thoughts on “mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt shock and a seething rise to vengeance: Their Turn

    • phylor May 31, 2014 / 5:15 am

      I think even the most forgiving and understanding people can have a hidden dream of revenge lurking in the back of their mind.


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