A gigglegram is not necessarily humourous, but it isn’t as grumbly as a grumblegram. A gigglegram is 400 or less words.

~ grumble ~ ~ grumble ~

A grumblegram is a post of less than 300 words in which there is a grumbly discussion of the source of grumbleness.

grumble ~ ~ grumble ~

Since my first grumblegram (May 14), my posts have been responses to writing and photography prompts. Time to write more of my fictitious autobiography.

I saw a magic soap bubble. It floated past me in the parking lot of the discount grocery. I watched the bubble float, but lost it in traffic. I looked behind me. No more bubbles, and no-one bubbling.

There are two tiny heads peeking out of the robin nest in the arbor. The cardinals are nesting in the Japanese maple again. Last year, 2 unsuccessful tries. Waiting to see tiny beaks peeking. We are sending them good parenting thoughts.

Some of my wildflower seeds are coming up. Four of the seedling trees (just sticks when we planted them) are thriving so far. The buttercups and columbine bulbs have broken into the sunlight. And, the columbine in the planter survived yet another winter.

Although I swore I’d never do it, I am taking sleeping pills. As I wrote in my grumblegram, I wanted my day back. And after trying everything else, I caved. It’s been 50/50 in terms of sleeping through the night; still figuring out the optimum time to take it.

If I take it too late, I sleep longer in the morning, and the grogginess is stronger. But once my mind clears a bit, I’m surprised at the immediate, so far, increase in my energy level. Still get tired and need to rest. Can get very tired in the evening (as I should be!); sometimes have trouble staying awake (even before I take the sleeping pill) for things I want to watch on TV, like post-season hockey (Stanley Cup = NY Rangers vs. LA Kings), Wheeler Dealers, PBS-type programing.

I’m not going to take the pill every night. I figure a week to catch up on sleep, then when I get the daytime sleepies and the nighttime sleeplessies for a period of time. I still want to get my circadian rhythms worked out.

I’ve got a complicated project scheduled for today – to make gluten-free blueberry muffins from scratch. Wish me luck!



I love dialogue. Do you?

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