mindlovemisery’s menagerie photo challenge: head of security


Tom Bagshaw

The first summit of the nanospace planets. I was standing in the conference room, watching all the scurrying around. I’d read the dossiers of each representative. Now, I was assessing what problems might arise. With this group, it was bound to!

Earth had chosen agent phylor. Her face never gave away what was going on inside her incredible brain. With photographic memory, she was the best one to send. Her report would miss nothing; with the listening devices embedded in her ears, she could hear whispered conversations. Her file pointed out, the only flaw in her disguise, the only way someone might see into her soul: if she was caught in a torrent of voices and noises, and doing an adjustment.

I should introduce myself: I’m Remington Monk, head of security for the conference, and involved in secret, dangerous work. Like the portal project – Star Gate 5.

Emmelia arrived the next day. She swept in with the usual casual but rich swagger. We needed her – she was the party/convention planner supreme. Queen of things running so smoothly, you didn’t notice.  Her minions and my security guards had been at the conference site for weeks. One group decorating; the others searching for recording devices, bombs – the usual stuff meant to disrupt this kind of meeting. She was actually a special agent; her career made an especially good cover story.

Representative Teddy Bear arrived at the same time as Emmelia. The Stuffedtoyites were aggressive, and feisty. They were secretive, holding more information than they were willing to share. Teddy Bear was an unusual choice. Young in Stufftoyite time, inexperienced in inter-planetary diplomacy, but highly connected as his father, Yogi, was minister of war.

Among the security club, secret rumors were flying: here to get experience as he was being groomed to take over the government under the guise of a Stufftoyites’ revolution; here to be assassinated; here to announce that he and Emmelia were getting married; to announce he was a member of the interspecies guerilla organization. I played along, but I had my own reasons for keeping a close watch on him.

Planet Downton Abby had been chosen. The inhabitants were neutral, all adherents to the Order of Downton. An agreement was reached concerning cultural as well as diplomatic issues. Anyone attached to the conference would not have to follow the strict rule of silence at different points in the day to honour people and events.

That left yranecrem. Hollow-eyed, dressed as a human child. She was already playing the game. The Roirraw were the most dangerous, the most deadly. Their answer to a dispute over acreage, a bump when the pub was packed, feelings of envy or jealousy, and really, lets face it, they didn’t need an excuse. Exquisite with swords, the specially forged weapon they bonded with through a secret ceremony. They were excellent with knifes, and any other sharp implements. And, of particular worry for me, some could make themselves invisible, while others could shape shift.

yranecrem was particularly adept at weaponry. It was rumored that she had killed her own brother because she didn’t like the way he chewed his food.

So that was what I would be dealing with for the next week. I had booked myself off the week after to go to Patagonia for a month or two. I knew I’d need a break from creatures of any species.


3 thoughts on “mindlovemisery’s menagerie photo challenge: head of security

  1. Bastet June 19, 2014 / 11:16 am

    Very entertaining. liked the description of the abilities/characteristics of each of the reps. Cool.


    • phylor June 20, 2014 / 3:46 am

      Thank you for the nice complement. It was a fun one to write, once I’d figured out the mug shots, lol.


      • Bastet June 20, 2014 / 4:08 am

        lol … know what you mean … you know what the photos suggested to me. I loved what you did with the prompt though.


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