we drink because we’re poets Bastet’s Flash Fiction: ending

Writing in the morn

writing in the mom

{My first submission to “We Drink Because We are Poets: Bastet’s Flash Fiction Prompt”. Too late to count, but flash fiction is honing my less-is-more mantra. And, I want to make sure the pingback works.}

Today, it ended. No more excuses. No more drunken creeps up the stairs. No more anger. No more tears.

Five years of an unequal relationship. Coming second. Drowning sorrows in pastries and cappuccinos. So many cappuccinos.

I had to stop my addiction, my co-dependency. No more abusive relationship. No more sleepless nights.

But, how will I feel afterward? Alone. Lonely. The pangs of withdrawal. Can I bear to be parted? Can I make it on my own?

I sighed. Putting past and future under the napkin, I took a bite of the pastry. A sip of cappuccino. Pulled the scribbler closer. Picked up my pen, and wrote:



3 thoughts on “we drink because we’re poets Bastet’s Flash Fiction: ending

  1. phylor June 29, 2014 / 2:04 pm

    Thank you. I enjoyed the prompt; I considered several angles. I keep repeating less is more. I feel honoured to be among the folks of We Drink Because We’re Poets.


  2. Bastet June 29, 2014 / 1:18 am

    Loved the story … you’ve handled the flash fiction admirably. Movingly thoughtful, I was able to feel the pain and disorientation as well as that pull of the cappuccino and pastry. I’m glad you participated with this lovely story … welcome to We Drink Because We’re Poets!


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