The Crazie Family and Me

The Crazie Family and Me

I was chatting with Elmo, when I heard the Crazie’s car pull into the driveway. Just enough time to suggest Skype – I wanted to see his new “do” – next time. Shut everything down. Check for stray cat hairs. I had this down to about 1 minute.

Then, I came out of the room, yawning and lazily stepping as if I’d been asleep. The young Crazie would pick me up, scratch my ears a bit and carry me outside. I loved eating grass, digging in gardens, hunting for big game to play with. The Crazies didn’t appreciate the little gifts I brought them like mice, baby squirrels and birds (alive of course!).

I wanted more computer time, but the Crazie’s appeared to be social dyslexics as the three of them were rarely out of the same time. Mrs. Crazie played bridge and took art classes. Mr. Crazie took history courses and was addicted to search engines. Young Crazie was out and in doing a lot of stuff she hated: going to high school and university, and working lame jobs.

Ginger was not very imaginative name for a ginger-coloured cat, they played  word games meaning my name underwent changes. The youngest Crazie liked to pose me in a living room chair, sitting on my bum, legs stretched out front, arm on arm of chair, paw around a seasonal alcoholic drink. At least she asked my permission re which “cattie” to use.

So, I guess I shouldn’t complain. I was lucky. At least my family was only crazy in so many, many, many ways.

I had male internet friends with names like Pouffy, Cutesy, Honbun, and Sweetie Pie. This was embarrassing enough, but other friends were decked out for whatever holiday it might be. George Washington costumes; red, white and blue bows; zombie makeup or a Santa hat with bell. And then within an instant on instagram, facebook, blogs, web sites, you tube. Then they had to try to be anonymous during and after the holiday.

Ronald was constantly being video taped. “Do something that will go viral on you tube,” his person would yell. One time Ronald made the mistake of having bored, glazed over eyes and yawning. Five hundred thousand hits and counting. Photomontage book, A Year in the Life of Ronald movie for Sundance, morning show circuit, the list was vomit-worthy. Ronald refused to appear with Brian who he was getting rather tied of.

The worst had to be Anthony and Grumpy Cat. George became obsessed with the facebook, internet, now tv ad phenom. George was determined that Anthony would be Grumpy Cat. When mimicking wasn’t convincing enough for George, “OMG, he’s talking about plastic/cosmetic surgery!”

Me, I’m trying to figure out how to get a Surface and a smart phone delivered without anyone noticing. I want to blog, and their social dyslexia makes this difficult. With a surface and smart phone down in the basement, I could gain the fame I deserve!

Sorry for the “I want world power” like comment. That sniff (okay more than one sniff) of catnip really got the artistic side flowing and I think I got carried away with myself. In public, no less.

Submission of this story makes me part of mindlovemisery’s menagerie. I always wanted to join the circus.

Ginger (aka gingie poo, aka poo) Crazie; July 20, 2014

{Ginger lived with us in the 1970s. I moved the time frame forward so I could play with today’s technology.}


4 thoughts on “The Crazie Family and Me

  1. sunshine and chaos July 21, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    Love it! I think most cat owners now look at their cats, even if it’s just for a few moments, and says “I have the next internet sensation”.

    And then the cat throws up a hair ball and walks away, like any good cat should. :)


    • phylor July 22, 2014 / 6:40 pm

      Exactly what a cat should do — but I’m afraid even hair balls can go viral, lol!


    • phylor July 21, 2014 / 8:18 pm

      It helped that Ginger was a very creative and whimsical cat. Most of the story is actually true — except for the internet of course. I have lots more stories of his antics!


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