mlm’s menagerie fairy Tale: Lucinda’s New Home

The image for fairly tale #18was when doubting Lucinda entered my writings. Lucinda, age 10, was serious, practical and scientific. Fairies just didn’t exist. All that fairy tale rubbish was silly and foolish.

When Lucinda went to photograph the death head flowers, she discovered a  new world. A fairy tale kingdom. She found she, not the stories, had been foolish and silly. She decided to stay as she had a whole new magical place to experiment in.


Alexander Jansson @DeviantArt

Lucinda wrote in her journal her daily observations, experiments and the results. People often forgot she was only 10. She seemed like an ancient alchemist wearing pink jeans, a flowered sleeveless shirt, and pink high-tops.

Taken from her journal, I’ll let Lucinda tell you about the fairytale village of Keji, in the magical, mystical kingdom of Hemlocks & Hardwoods.

Day 1 in the Village: The prince and princess thought this would be an ok place for me to stay. Keji creeps me out. Weird looking and acting residents. Funny ways of talking Yucky food like Solomon Gundy and chow chow.  X-shaped room in a wonky hotel. Not for me. Gotta talk to p & p tomorrow I’ll go nuts and lose a ton of weight.

Day 2 in the Village. Sent butterflygram to the castle. p&p on vacation, so dragonfly express took my message over. Least night was better than day. Strings of lights – cool. Base of tree spilled light too. Awesome music.  Entertainment like the guy on the unicycle. Food I recognized as food. Tied. Write more tomorrow.

Day 3 in the Village. Day means shared naps and some activity after sunset the whole place is like a crazy circus. Folks pretending to be other things like the wolf family dress as sheep No wolves around (they were the only ones in the village) so they sat on a bench and swung their feet as they ba’ad. Was this some form of training Gotta ask.

Day 4 in the Village. Wandered outside of village. Needed a break from all the wild weirdness. Planets plants are really awesome. Maybe I could draw some and learn the names.

Vogler Cove came looking for me; special night in the village. Long night, long story,

Villagers set up all kinds of frying flying rides.  Go higher than the village tree. Twirly hats bird balloons with fancy baskets to ride in.

Out of villagers showed up. All seemed like bad guys. Witch – black cape, pencil skirt, angry face and pointed hat decorated with ribbon rows. Her walking big money head had sharp teeth needing white strips. fat rubber robber elf with black mask. The melting into the dark spots woman with white eyes.

Things got strange, even for the village. Someone’s head was lying on the ground. No one noticed. I went over but head didn’t want any help.

Still wired. too much blueberry grunt tea. Sun up. Villagers napping. Clean up later. Will try to nap – napping is very important to Kejiites.

Day 6 in the Village. Napped way late. With Lahave Ferry’s help, I built flower press, filled a bag with paper, coloured pencils, erasers.  Spent the day off in the woods collecting drawing.

soon as I was in ear sight of Keji, I heard garbled message blasting from the dayspring horns. Sounded like Luxinda, two pints arriving by eights in next hay.

Stareit Ferritt translated: Lucinda, p & p arriving by eight next day.

Tomorrow was day 7, and back from vacation, p & p were answering my message of Day 2: get me out of here.

Pentz got his Pecularies to give the cars a wash and wax.

The Kejiites were trying to replicate a cleaned up version of caravan night. Rides, stalls entertainment, music, dancing. Still some riff raff. Groupies of the caravan.

My  job was to tell them to leave the village even the poor bodiless head. I still looked scary to the folks in the kingdom of Hemlocks & Hardwoods, so I made growly noises stuck out my tongue.  Ran at them with my hands outstretched like talons. Funny to see all scramble off the head rolling along behind.

Day 7 in the Village. I kinda liked the Kejiites. Wacky. Yucky taste in food. Knew how to party. And, they kinda liked me, I think. And not just cuz p&p had dropped me off they liked who I was.

p & p drive different cars. Today it was a Tesla they skipped up to the village tree where the me and the Kejiites were.

You left a message, the princess said tactfully. shall we go by the well to to talk of it.

Princess, my message is kinda different now.

If the Kejiites don’t mind, I’d like to hang around here a little longer. Starting a herbarium of local plants. Gonna teach em how to cook good stuff like pizza and fries. Unicycle Guy gonna teach me how to ride. Might learn some of that funky music.

For a long second silence. Then everyone cheered. Guess maybe I’d found friends. Some place I actually fit into. Makes me feel all tingly and special. Napping will be hard tonight; making lists in my head. Things to do now that I wuz a Kejiite.

When I told Lucinda I’d like to use her journal to illustrate living in a fairytale village, she wanted to self-edit, so I let her. Deleting and adding were about equal. Unfortunately some interesting things about village life, culture and the Kejiites got cut on her second and third attempts. I didn’t edit or make corrections. It’s Lucinda as Lucinda

She wants to write stories about her experiences in Keji and Hemlocks & Hardwoods. Journal entries just flash fiction. Guess Lucinda may be around for a while.


4 thoughts on “mlm’s menagerie fairy Tale: Lucinda’s New Home

  1. mindlovemisery August 3, 2014 / 1:09 am

    Absolutely magical and so glad you continued Lucinda’s adventures


    • phylor August 3, 2014 / 5:21 am

      Thanks. Most of my characters are nameless and I’ve never written a sustained story about children, so this is an adventure for me as well as Lucinda.


  2. summerstommy2 August 3, 2014 / 12:19 am

    What a great take on this prompt phylor, loved this tale and the use of the diary, very engaging throughout.


    • phylor August 3, 2014 / 6:56 pm

      Thank you!
      It seemed a good follow-up to the snapdragon (death head flowers) picture.
      When I taught, I often got students to write journal entries for the time period we were studying. It gave them a more personal feel for society at that time.


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