one word photo challenge: CHARTREUSE

I thought I published this last week. To my horror, I found it in the draft file!

I’ve“created” a short photo essay on chartreuse; the colo(u)r for this week.

It would help if you put on chartreuse-colo(u)red glasses.
abstract chartruse
An homage to the Impressionists (or just moving the camera?)

central park, nyc

A sorta chartreuse lawn in Central Park, NYC, NY.

chartreuse from bridgewater

Chartreuse from my mother’s house (now sold).

chartruse destruction of goffle brook park

A very long chartreuse story, with a not so happy ending.
 chartreuse water 2
Chartreusey water; the white blob is an egret.
 chartreuse water 2a

Chartreusey water 2; egret looks less blobby.

chartruse plant

A chartreuse plant in my garden from several summer’s ago. What is it?

 from russia with chartreuse

From Russia with chartreuse.

Thanks for looking over my chartreuse photo essay. Have a yellow- green kinda day!


4 thoughts on “one word photo challenge: CHARTREUSE

    • phylor August 16, 2014 / 7:37 pm

      Thanks, Jennifer. I wasn’t sure if some of the pictures really had chartreuse in them!


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