Journaling: 31 days of five minute free writes

Before I decided to stop participating in 31 days of five minute free writes, I did some free writes not yet posted. Here is one from October 9, 2014: Journaling


As much as she tried, my CBT could never get me to follow through on journaling. My therapist and I are more free form – no notes during session; I don’t write anything we talk about down. It’s like a 45 minute free write.

But journaling as a tool toward healing can be very important. For mental health, there are so many forms that journaling can take: daily observations (positive and negative); how you are feeling at a certain point in the day; 3 things good; 3 things negative that happened or you did. These are just a sampling.

The same method can be used in chronic illness: a food diary (a full one) to isolate foods and food additives that might be causing symptoms and pain. Allergies to common or uncommon foods; cross-over allergies; new allergies. There is intolerances, again something to be mapped and recorded. A pain journal — mental and physical records when you have pain, what you were doing/thinking, what drugs had you taken. Had you taken any medication for pain?

And the special role of journaling is it keeps you in the moment – no past, no future to scare, anger, depress you. Being in the moment can act as one of the methods towards healing and help with meditation.



I love dialogue. Do you?

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