You are my zoo

You are my zoo

encaged in my memory

of days of lust and strawberries

of love, of touch, of empathy.

I left no forwarding address

no indications of why

love deserts, love conspires

love dies

fire to amber to ashes

But you never left me

I keep you like an animal on display

feeding you frozen tears,

Faded flowers, and shattered hearts

Why did I leave so innocently sure

that love dies without passion

love dies with conformity

love dies without intimacy

Someday I’ll find the key

that unlocks your cage

I will bravely wave goodbye

and be all alone again

Written for Mindlovemisery’s (Sunday) Writing Prompt, The Zoo.

Not exactly a zoo story – though I have my ‘day at the zoo stories” too. Perhaps some day, I’ll tell them.

Our memories are zoos were we keep past loves and past lives in cages so that they are always with us for better or for worse.


I love dialogue. Do you?

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