shelby grant gives a presentation

Every year at the board and executives meeting, an employee was invited to give a presentation.

This year, it was Shelby Grant. Arriving early, she placed her presentation boards on the easels.  She checked the wifi connection between her tablet and the projector. A couple of deep yoga breaths before the members and corporate exes wandered in.

The company president shook her hand and introduced her to the less than enthusiastic looking crowd. “Before I begin, it’s an honour to give a presentation to men, such as yourselves, who have a strong influence on the economy and politics of this country. I’m sure that rarely are men of your caliber assembled in one room, except for these yearly meetings.”

She had their attention now. Her introduction further flattered the attendees. She unveiled her presentation boards. Pointing at the boards, she sprinkled her talk with accolades. Even the exes who tried to look bored, were listening and nodding approval.

The second portion was more hi tech. Pushing buttons on the remote, dark panels of glass slide into place, blocking a spectacular view of the city. Two oak panels opened to reveal a screen. Syncing with her tablet, Shelby continued. Her discussion of hi tech drew everyone in further. She praised their grasp of the importance of a presence on social media. Blah. Blah. Blah.

When she had made her conclusion, there was a loud round of applause and “Here. Here.” Time was allowed for a short Q & A. All hands shot up in “pick me, pick me” fashion.

With other matters to attend to, the President had to cut the session off. “Perhaps Ms. Grant can join us for lunch.” A rousing “yes, yes” from the crowd. Shelby nodded. “Good. The Executive Dining Room at say 1:30.”

After much hand-shaking, the crowd left. Shelby picked up her blank presentation boards, and turned off her tablet displaying a white page. She hoped they choose a nice expensive sauvignon blanc to go with lunch. She didn’t like chardonnay.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Tale Weaver, The Emperor’s New [21st century] Clothes.



One thought on “shelby grant gives a presentation

  1. J January 12, 2015 / 2:34 pm

    Very appropriate! Sometimes a little of ego-stroking is all it takes ;)

    Great job! Very believable. :)


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