Last Stand @ the Band-stand

PHOTO PROMPT ©David Stewart

The band-stand was set for demolition to “enhance” the park. Plans for a sculpture garden in it’s place.

Gone with one crashing blow of a front end loader. Modernization bulldozing tradition.

The demolition crew arrived early. Jazz music bopped from the band-stand.

The band played music from all eras. Requests as the crowd grew. Interviews with the media when it noticed the protest.

They knew if they played long enough, the bulldozers and front end loaders would drive away.

The band-stand would stand for another 100 years. Music and tradition. Not statues and modernization.


Friday Fictioneers is a writing space for stories of 100 words or less. These stories are in response to a picture prompt provided on Wednesdays. (25 words)

Involved too late to be a part of the writing submission and dialogue process, I thought I’d try this as a trial run. For me, writing 100 words requires a lot of editing down. Good to learn how write the essence of the story. The nudist approach – with no clothing, made from extra words/thoughts/ideas, to hide what is at the core of the story. (65 words)

I participate in another flash fiction writing challenge, also based on pictures. But there is an interesting twist: the challenge includes an introductory sentence that must be the first sentence in your response. (This sentence is not included in the word count.) This flash fiction allows for 100 to 150 words. Amazing what a difference those extra 50 words make. For an example of one of my Mondays Finish the Story,  see: “White Water Melodrama.” Mondays Finish the Story explains the challenge, and how to participate. (85 words)

Last Stand @ the Band-Stand is 94 words. I hope I have edited down to the essence of the story. I am wearing clothes as I sit in from of my computer, deleting extra words. (35 words)


I love dialogue. Do you?

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