the prince and the fireflies

This is a fairy tale Bastet and I wrote together in June 2014. With her kind permission, I am reblogging “The Prince and the Fireflies.” Although the Prince doesn’t shrink down to insect size, he has quite a time with a firefly, so somewhat a “proper” response to the prompt. :-)

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Once upon a time, Bastet and I got into a comment conversation. We had answered Anja’s Fairy Tale Friday call to create a fairy tale with the main character being male.

From that conversation came the determination to co-author a Fairy Tale Friday story. Anja’s most recent prompt on fireflies provided us with the opportunity to join our voices.

I want to thank Bastet for pulling the narratives together, and with her sense of flash fiction, making mine more clear and concise! I’ve really enjoyed writing with her!

The Prince and the Fireflies ala Bastet is a mirror of mine, except we have written our own introductions.

I hope you enjoy our collaboration! As the story teller suggests, there are many adventures and stories to be told. Perhaps this is just the beginning . . .

The Prince and the Fireflies

“You believe in fairies, don’t you?” the…

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