Chriss Angel

photo: Shane Thomas: Kangbashi’s Linyinlu Square

“Johnson reporting,” squawked the radio receiver.

“Status!” barked Colonel Melson.

“Gone, sir, gone.” answered Johnson.

“Are you sure?” queried the Colonel, “There was to be a diplomatic exchange in the Square at 12 hundred hours. We had 6 units deployed.”

“My men searched every inch. No Special Ops. No diplomats. No journalists. No TV crews. No on-lookers. No-one. Not a single person. Not even a cat.” Johnson’s voice sounded unsteady.

“How could at least 500,000 people disappear?” Melson was at a loss.

“Chriss Angel?” giggled Johnson nervously.

“Are you losing it, Johnson,”

“No, sir. I’m . . .”

The radio went silent. (102 words)

Written for Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #67.

© phylor 2015


2 thoughts on “Chriss Angel

  1. summerstommy2 May 20, 2015 / 12:50 pm

    Great take Phylor, loved the ending. That photo begs a response like yours.


    • phylor May 21, 2015 / 12:27 am

      Thank you, kind sir. I borrowed the Colonel and someone on the radio from another photo challenge — that time it was about shooting protesters.


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