5/5 Challenge: Day Two: The Moose

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, my band width has been drastically cut. This means I can’t view my blog, or the wp administrative editing function. So this is going “live” to blog. The picture and story aren’t within the Day Two theme (which I can’t access). So with limited images, I chose the moose. Not necessarily what I would have done otherwise. But here is my 5/5 challenge: Day Two (with no link back to the challenge)


As part of an Art School project, a moose was installed in the town park. The Moose got vandalized. A lot.

Celebratory: Victoria; Canada; and Labour Day, etc. She is dressed resplendently for Victoria Day in the photograph.

A political point: draped in the Canadian flag; draped in black. Or supporting a particular sports team, usually unpopular to the town folks.

She’s been painted: fuchsia; day glo orange and purple stripes; a deep shade of blue; red and white stripes. When this type of vandalism occurred, the Art School would send students to repaint her.

Poor Moose. Lucky us. {word count 99}


3 thoughts on “5/5 Challenge: Day Two: The Moose

  1. DELL CLOVER July 2, 2015 / 7:07 pm

    I dare say you’ve captured a photo of what I may look like in a few years….


    • phylor July 2, 2015 / 8:06 pm

      I’ll let you in on a secret — I didn’t actually take the photo. I downloaded it for Victoria Day and the Tale Weaver invent a holiday prompt.


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