story time/bed time

I haven’t, technically, followed the template of this week’s excellent Dutch fairy tale told by Chèvrefeuille:  the Lady of Stavoren. I was “inspired” to write a rhyming poem about the telling of tales.

Brown lady

Come now children, gather quite close

Which story do you want to hear the most?

One where everyone is moral and right

Or where the raven arrives in the night?

A tale of Wilfred’s avarice and greed

Or Angelica quietly plants a wish seed?

Perhaps the king with his castle on high

Maybe the gold dandelion fluff wafting by?

What calls to Havelock from the well far below

With the perfect touch, the jewel that will glow?

The story of the world’s most precious thing

Or how the mockingbird first learned to sing?

So, which story would you all like to hear?

Remember that bedtime soon will be near.

Come children, now gather up quite close,

As I tell of Belinda and her favourite ghost.


2 thoughts on “story time/bed time

  1. Chèvrefeuille July 12, 2015 / 1:33 pm

    The fairy tale is meant for your inspiration and you were really inspired through the tale of the Lady of Stavoren. Thank you Phylor for your response.


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