the return of Opus and Dr. Seuss*

image: Berkeley Breathed, Bloom County 2015

Bill the Cat, Ack! Thbbft!, so glad you’re back!

Bloom County 2015 is on Berkeley Breathed’s facebook page.

As Donald Trump was constantly satirized in the original Bloom County, folks suspect Trump’s run for the GOP nomination has brought Opus out of his 25 year sleep.


That’s right. A NEW Dr. Seuss book. Hidden away IN A BOX! Maybe put there by the fox?

Even better yet, it’s a book you can get.


Whether its Bill the Cat

or a Cat in the Hat

Oh, all of those Bloomian, Seussian things you do.

remember what’s old can always become new!

* Yes, I know Harper Lee’s 2nd book about Atticus Finch is now out. I love the Gregory Peck film of To Kill a Mockingbird. Go Set a Watchman, is a sort of prequel to Mockingbird having been written first. Atticus Finch’s character changed from Watchman to Mockingbird.


I love dialogue. Do you?

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