room 3: slamming the door, 3rd floor up

Image: Yves

We have been invited by Mindlovemisery of Mindlovemisery Menagerie to write a 9 part series on rooms in NoEnd House, a place in her dreams. She will post a photograph or a word as a clue/cue to our next room. This week she shared an excellent piece of metal work crafted by her husband. The word is

Another flight of stairs. Another door into my past.

The others are frightened by her. “On a rampage,” they say when footsteps run up the six flights of stairs to stand outside my door.

We made peace the first the first weekend I stayed in the house alone. Well, not really alone. She did her best: rattling tea cups; slamming doors; odd creeping/creepy noises.

I’d invite her down to the kitchen, “You’ve already got the tea cups down. Do you like Celestial Seasons, Earl Gray or Oolong? Bag or leaf? Are you partial to Limoges or Dollar Store?”

She ran screamingly up the narrow steps. Long skirt flapping. Hair flying out her “proper” bun. The tap, tap of her black heeled boots stumbling up the stairs. Reaching for the old dead bolt half way up the unclosing, warped door. Slamming this door did very little good.

No need to float the Viking tool in the palour. Nor show my face in the 3rd floor bathroom mirror. Had her scared to rights. No more problems with that boarder on the weekends. She’s rather go to Great Aunt Sally’s. And, boy is that place haunted!


4 thoughts on “room 3: slamming the door, 3rd floor up

  1. mindlovemisery August 10, 2015 / 1:56 pm

    In the beginning I actually thought of my mom as a kid she had a temper and when she’d walk toward a room you knew she was serious. I could really feel that part of the story.

    I also really like “the unclosing, warped door.”

    I love that you referred to the poker as a Viking Tool haha


    • phylor August 18, 2015 / 5:29 am

      I had replied, but in going back through comments to see if I had missed any, I discovered my reply had disappeared — like a ghost on the 3rd floor!
      Thought you might like the reference to Viking tool.

      Liked by 1 person

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