metaphors of my life

{I plan on remaining as one half of the Tale Weaver prompterists, denizens of Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Doing a late summer “purge” of drafts/finished posts never published. Old & new content with specific references removed/maintained.  Seeing as I am a Canadian, I use the term: busy as a beaver. So, I’m gnawing through tree trunks and branches. Shoring up my lodge. Mending my damn.

When this process nears completion, I can then participate in writing prompt/picture prompt challenges. I will focus on my narratives. See what those characters are up to: give them new problems; new adventures; new friends still with magic; whimsy; and fate an underlying theme. Journeys and treks completed, new paths to follow, the (happy ever after} ending.

Writing from my heart, I will also share “the geography of my mind:” how this shifting 4D map with internal GPS captures  a feeling, an emotion, a place, an event. My filters may be different from yours: my response wildly illogical;  sarcastic; depressed; manic; unstable. My personal reactions can be more stable; less self-preoccupied; less obsessed; confident; and able to express myself more openly and clearly. Being bi-polar means you can be either, or strangely both at the same time}

Two slices of sky

outside my kitchen window

One an homage at darkness

The other a eulogy of light

My inuksuk are just tiny pieces

silvered from my heart

every smartphone

makes a photographier

every person a videotograph

I use slides, and rolls of Super 8

not to let loose all the craziness/crazies

spinning in Magic Lantern technology

no longer any particular reason

why slices of sky

slivers of my heart

are inuksuk for the millennium

metaphors for my life.


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I love dialogue. Do you?

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