I write because


WordPress Writing 101, Blogging U.  Day One, first assignment: why do you write?

Tonight the answer is: I signed up for Writing 101.

Which I discovered when I checked my email.

Which means the committable is committed yet again.

Which means . . . .

Sitting under the protective branches of grandmother’s weeping willow, deep concentration on her face, sits a little girl in overalls. She places beside her: sharpened pencil; school scribbler; eraser; half-nibbled cookie. She closes her eyes, opens her imagination. Carefully, she begins to letter . . . 

Stories a lonely child tells herself. Tales of fun and friendship. An older brother. A room in a house of her own. Staying still, staying put. Fairy tales in her head. Fairy tales for her world.

I still write fairy tales for my world. Sharpened pencil, scribbler, eraser replaced by laptop and mouse. Still close my eyes, open my imagination. And write what flies out to meet the moon or the sun. Often, with a half-nibbled something by my side. And a cup of coffee.

Links to inspiring why I write quotes,  I Write Because Project,  other writers on the subject, blogging examples courtesy of the WP Writing 101 team, headed by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.


3 thoughts on “I write because

  1. J Lapis November 2, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    This is very moving, and easy to visualize you :)


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