curiouser and curiouser: coffee on my front porch


Normally, I would not be having a conversation such as this on my front porch at 3 am. But, sleep deprived, addled, and biopolarish, seemed perfectly natural.

Distinguished-looking like a 1950/60’s movie star, with greying hair, and a proper beard – full, trimmed and very sexy. Causal in jeans, and corduroy jacket (I find those sexy too). I found it hard to concentrate on his words. His oh-so-kissable mouth was oh-so distracting.

Knock at the door. And there he stood. Smiled (I was a pool in the hallway) and asked for a cup of coffee. Saw my lights on, etc. etc.

Trying to remember from Criminal Minds if serial killers drank coffee. I needed one, anyway, so . . .

Coffee bean grinder and espresso machine minutes later, we sat on the porch swing, gently rocking. Even with my double shot laced with whipping cream, the motion and the cadence of his oh-so sexy voice were having a hypnotic effect. Blinking, head nodding, I felt myself slipping away. . . . into his arms, his beard tickling my neck. The long, slow, soft kiss, our bodies entwining.

The fingers of dawn-sky shook me awake. The porch swing groaned (or was it me) as I pushed back the blanket. Bare feet on cool wooden floor.

Dream so real put a sly, seductive smile on my face. Writing words in my head. Poem to a stranger . . .

Definitely time for coffee. Pushed open the front door and slouched my way to the kitchen. Two cups, two spoons, creamer and bits of the espresso machine sat comfortably in the dish drainer.

Curiouser and curiouser.*

On the kitchen table, items not there the night before: a mason jar vase of exotic flowers; an envelope propped up against it, my name written out in a beautiful calligraphic hand; and a well-worn, smooth leather pouch.

The note inside the envelope read:

Coffee was bliss (so was the kiss). Therefore, your bag of stones; your load is relatively small. Cheers, Sorrow.

Loosening pouch strings, a scattering of stones spilled out: tiny crystallines; miniature geodes; amethysts and agates; coloured quartz; and smooth dots of sea glass. Some, like the sea glass were smooth, others, such as the quartz were rough cut. Sorrow had left me a burden to bear. But thanks to my cappuccino and my kiss, the load was light, colourful, and just enough sharp edges to keep me away and alert.

Thanks Sorrow. And, if you ever want another coffee . . .

Idea taken from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Music Friday prompt 16: “Rattlin’ Bones” performed by Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson

*Curiouser and curiouser comes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking glass

© Phylor, November 2015


4 thoughts on “curiouser and curiouser: coffee on my front porch

  1. Vagrant Rhodia November 19, 2015 / 9:45 am

    You left me spellbound and wondering if Sorrow will be back again..curious and curiouser :)


  2. J Lapis November 17, 2015 / 12:52 am

    Oh MY, I’m totally crazy for this one, Phylor. Initially I was amused by the “do serial killers drink coffee” note, but then you swirled us into the romantic magic, somewhat ghostly…but maybe not :)


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