color your world: mac & cheese

Color Your World: 120 days of crayola: mac & cheese

To make the mac & cheese sell

an end of aisle display with

a sign that read:

Kraft Mac & Cheese 4 for $1.00

which was fine, as the usual price

was .25 a box.

No premium varieties then – just the day glo orange cheese and white bread macaroni

That box, with a bit of milk and tuna I shared with my cat, along with tomato sandwiches on stale bread

kept me and the cat alive – it would eat more than just cheap tuna

“produce 1/2 price at some point on Saturday – wait wouldn’t’ want to pass up Day-Go oranges or kiwis or rice or mac & cheese” the ship purred

You can back from the sea, and I haggard from waiting hesitated, hid from view. You asked to find me among the flotsam and jetsam of the dirty harbor and crumbling piers.

You found me, feet dangling, over water murky as death. You asked why  sat so close to the edge. You said to feel alive. Others hurt is but a brush. I feel, I share, I say “BEGONE” and they are thrilled. Something inside them has been freeded. Oh, their time is limited, but we know, and party, dance, feast, as to that fools substance, belief is but a passing quarter of the moon”

In his aloneness, left to die a hero’s death, Manual began a plan: as I undertook in her almost nakedness. Images a married man should not adhere to or seek

I can not ignore her beauty for what it means to me. Dancing badly, never as heroic, but always yours for waltzes, pavans, reels, and closeness.

In glass stilettoes and shabby old slippers, or entwined with yours, under the covers, under our dreams.

Ah but all it really means – I shall eat the leftovers, you shall eat the greens.


I love dialogue. Do you?

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