good bye love, my one chance wonder

waterhouse the necklace 1909

JW Waterhouse, “The Necklace,” 1909

Bee suggested as our last topic for love is in da blog stream of consciousness Saturday, good-bye love.

My stream of consciousness is some prosetry about when a couple, still together, has one who still loves, and one who does not.

good bye love

said farewell so long ago

almost forget the heart skip

the flutters, our physical longings

the caressing touch, finger tracing

the aching need to be

good bye love

took so long for you to come

to find me only once

my one chance wonder

my life long dream

seems a shame to say good bye

what seems so soon and definitely so forever

good bye love

don’t know the moment light faded from your eyes

when physical closeness – a hug, a kiss, a cuddle

became relics from some distance past

when anger replaced lust

resentment replaced desire

when nothing replaced me

but you don’t close the door

so I’ve watched myself say

good bye to your love, not my love

painfully it is still there, yet to be excised

still have needs and desires – now to be always unmet

can’t look you in the eye to see

nothing there of me yet you stay

so good by to your love

I’m so sorry I lost it

I’m not sure how or why

You won’t say, just turn away

so good bye love

I had you once,

one chance, one moment, one held breath

exhaled into loneliness.


2 thoughts on “good bye love, my one chance wonder

  1. Bee Halton February 27, 2016 / 4:00 pm

    Yes, it is sad but also beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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