grace darling

I’m still working on my ode to my imaginary place, and collecting the writing prompt blogs I love. A day late, here is my “official” last love is in da blog post. Thanks so much to Bee for hosting a month of love! I’m ending with a twist. (Not the song, dance, or game)

This is an odd love song. One level, it’s a man telling his sweetheart how important she is in his life. On the other, it’s about a woman named Grace Darling, who with her lighthouse keeper father rowed out in horrific weather to attempt to rescue survivors of a shipwreck 1838. She became rather famous and rich due to the experience. She died, in 1842, at the age of 26 from TB. From that perspective, then, it is a love song of a sailor to Grace (or a counterpart). (Wikipedia)

You have been my lighthouse
In every storm
You have given shelter
You have kept me safe and warm
And in my darkest nights
You have shone your brightest lights
You are my saving grace
Darling I love you.
You have been the pilot
Who guides me home
You have been the my rock
As on the seven seas I roam
And when I was becalmed
You were the strength in my arms
You are my saving grace
Darling I love you.
And when I found my back
Was torn and broken on the reef
You sailed your tiny boat
Across the dark seas of my disbelief.
You have been the anchor
And I the chain
Straining as we hold ourselves
Together in the rain
I have found you ever there
My constant keeper’s daughter fair
You are my saving grace
Darling I love you.

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