Who was I then, who am I now?

Written May 15, 2012, an attempt to explain hypo/mania. If I had the energy, I’d edit the final paragraph to more reflect changes/rearrangements. I do truly wish I could say these were all for the best.

Phylor's Blog

The original Chicago Ferris Wheel, built for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition (Wiki)

ferris wheel stops but cars swing with kinetic motion. high above the fairground; music faint; lights below flicker small like birthday cake candles; no smells of hot dogs, donuts and cotton candy; shrieks from roller coaster float by; far off the city glows like stars and moon in night sky. fear can overcome the view, the calm and stillness, the feeling of being above it all, freedom and flight. hurky-jerky, descent begins; neon tracers flash strobiscopically. anticipation, panic as each car reaches the ground and spills its cargo of laughing participants in experiment of life. walk away with shaky hands and weak legs. not asked to join in the laughter, stumble through the tears.

rollercoaster begins slow ascent, brief moment at top of the world, then hold tight to bar as laws of gravity are broken hurling down…

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I love dialogue. Do you?

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