blog for mental health project 2014

A pledge I took in 2014 to blog for mental health. It tells some more of the pieces, paradoxes and puzzles of my story.

Phylor's Blog

There are stigmas that exist within the professional mental health community. People who use opiate-based pain medication are addicts. Being refused treatment or admission to programs is then viewed by other mental health professionals as denial of the need for assistance. Staying within your health insurance providers mental health network limits your opportunities within a reasonable travel time. And, when 99.5% of psychiatrists do not return phone calls, you are seen as not trying hard enough.

There are catch-22s: a program will only admit you if you are seeing a therapist; you want into the program because you can’t find a therapist. You can only receive mental health assessment and assistance if you are a threat to yourself or others.

Tight budgets and inadequate health insurance block you from going outside the network, or using alternative therapies. As a result, diagnoses are either not obtained or never assessed and examined. Medication…

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