Ophelia and mental illness/mental health

opehila sad

If you would like to post something about your mental health/illness, but would prefer to be more anonymous than using your blog and or facebook page, email me: phylorsblog@ymail.com. Perhaps it could be posted here. Doesn’t have to be in any particular form or genre.

I am not a licensed or unlicensed mental health professional. What I write here is anecdotal, please don’t make any decisions, diagnoses, conclusions about your mental or physical health based on what appears on the blog. And if you, or someone you know, are in crisis, call a suicide help line or  911. There is help out there. Suicide isn’t the answer it can seem to be.

This isn’t a treatise on “madness,” Ophelia, Shakespeare’s women.

If your life is all tears, you may not “just snap out of it,” you are not a “drama queen,” or acting like a “depression diva.” Folks trying to be helpful can make things seem worse. Myths and stigmas about mental illness/mental health continue.

Ask for help. What you need. When you need. Why you need. How you need.

You may have to interact with a lot of people through the course of this process. 

Put together a support network if you can: folks to watch or play with the kids; help with the laundry; listen; coffee; give hugs.

Learn about the various mental health professions, their roles, training, attitudes. Work with your regular doctor, if you can. Otherwise, talk to folks at mental health organizations.

Keep asking, keep trying. The mental health system might be as broken as those who need to access it.  

 It took me 3 years to find a medicating psychiatrist and therapist who would see me, took my health insurance, and I could get to on public transit. I won’t scare you by the number of phone calls it took. For 1 year, I had regular meds and therapy sessions. Started getting somewhere, but  . . . . that’s another story.

And, not meant to discourage – I’m struggling and have through 1 1/2 years since things started going backwards.

I’ve been in a very bad place for several months.

But, I struggle.

I try to keep struggling.

I try.

 Please feel free to offer suggestions, point out misspeaks, unclear or confusing statements.  I hope my own deepest depression discussions  are of some help, of some good to someone.


@ phylor/taleweavering, 2016 (painting by Waterhouse; text @ taleweavering)


One thought on “Ophelia and mental illness/mental health

  1. Stella May 21, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    How interesting that I should reconnect with you, Phylor, during mental health month (which I wasn’t aware of–perhaps I subconsciously forget each year…). We share the struggle–and you are always in my prayers. I am grateful for the periods in between the dark seasons–it’s not a bad way to live :) And I’m thankful for writing, and the blog world–we don’t ever have to feel alone :) Take good care of You!


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