Nostalgia: Emily Barker, Kenneth Branagh for Song Lyric Sunday


PBS Masterpiece Mystery showed the final BBC series of Wallander in May. Starring the yummy Kenneth Branagh (who I’ve been in love since I saw his incredible movie Henry V in 1989).

Wallander’s father has Alzheimer’s, from the beginning of the series and Wallander is diagnosed with dementia in the final series. I would say that given the supposed time line, Wallander has more than dementia going on and coming on fast. Now, I need to read the books to see how Alzheimer’s and dementia are portrayed (or are even in the book).

The Wallander series haunting theme/opening song is Nostalgia by Emily Barker. She is echoing in my head right. An amazing performer who goes solo or with a band, the Red Clay Halo. The band consists of three women who play classical/symphonic instruments, as you can see above. Both are well worth checking out.

I’ve included a couple of videos of Emily performing the song – slightly different stagings/performance – the song was somewhat altered for the Wallander series.


Tram wires cross Melbourne skies
Cut my red heart in two
My knuckles bleed down Johnston street
On a door that shouldn’t be in front of me
Twelve thousand miles away from your smile
I’m twelve thousand miles away from me
Standing on the corner of Brunswick
Got the rain coming down and mascara on my cheek
Oh whisper me words in the shape of a bay
Shelter my love from the wind and the rain (waves)
Crow fly be my alibi
And return this fable on your wing
Take it far away to where gypsies play
Beneath metal stars by the bridge
Oh write me a beacon so I know the way
Guide my love through night and through day
Only the sunset knows my blind desire for the fleeting
Only the moon understands the beauty of love
When held by a hand like the aura of nostalgia


Couldn’t resist & videos are trailers to Henry V. When we went to see it in the small local theater; 95 per cent of the audience were classes of high schoolers from one of the area’s boarding schools identifiable by the school’s dress code.The usual teenager noise, fidgeting and ssshing from the chaperones (teachers). We thought, oh great. Just what you want during a movie – teenagers on the loose. Within 5 minutes of the movie starting total silence (except for the places I must admit I reacted out loud too) by the kids til the end. Listening into their conversations afterwards was fascinating.

This post was “edited, produced, writer, directed, but not starring” by Taleweavering aka Phylor in the spirit of Helen @ this thing called life one word at a time’s Song Lyric Sunday. Helen suggested classics we love (she chose House of the Rising Sun). As tonight was the last Wallander, seemed fit to post Nostalgia in more ways than one.



2 thoughts on “Nostalgia: Emily Barker, Kenneth Branagh for Song Lyric Sunday

  1. kim881 May 23, 2016 / 3:52 am

    Yes, Kenneth Brannagh is wonderful. I love him in Wallander and am so glad that there is another series. I also enjoyed his portrayal of Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, which he also directed.
    My mother has dementia, grandfather and great grandmother both had it. I will be interested to see how it is dealt with in the British TV version of Wallander.


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