tale weaver fairy tale prompt 69: fey observations

“some observations are more fey than most:


Image © Mara Eastern (Used with permission)

The notion of fairies in the garden has always fascinated me. That they exist in some other dimension to us.

Ever have that feeling that out of the corner of your eye you saw a movement, a shadow, a person, shape or thing?

I started a rather erotic story about a little fairy you see as a dust mote or floater in the corner of the eye. I have a dragon floater still. However, when I came to get the image of the glass “chimney,” I read Michael’s story and released way too much over lap in all manifestations of the phrase.

And this story, déjà vu, all over again. Maybe be composed for Mindlovemisery ‘s Menagerie Tale Weaver 69: Observations.

I sighed; fey specks were growing larger. The occasional fly became a dragon. Any non-mirror reflective surface – lap top screens in dark rooms, kitchen morning coffee windows – have shadowy masculine, muscular figures cross, I can smell their sex; their musk; taste their desires.

Time to pack up a go for a couple of weeks. An assignment somewhere.  Take ephemeral images of the fog people launching carved canoes; time-motion passing over head of the star blanket in a perfect ground lightless spot. Any where alone.

At least a mil. ago the males (human and fairy) came to a consensus. Every so often, the male fairies could bed the human woman. The woman would experience them as highly erotic dreams, the male fairies have a chance to spread stardust and seed, and the human males, well – those dreams lasted a while.

And me – well I was born a fey one – I could see the shadows, the impish smiles, the lewd gestures of the male fairy population. And they had no interest in me.

I caught a bad fever hiding out while fun was frolicking through the town. Came home weak, tired, and depressed. Time to go for good – they say the fey ones always do.

I was sobbing two nights back, my head having gone nuclear and set the Van Allen Belt on fire*

“Let me move you just a bit.” Through red-pus crusted eyes, I saw what I thought was the most handsome man? fairy? “I’ll be what I’ll be,” he laughed. “Why did you never well . . . come by (I blushed). “Too damned scared: you’re part fey, I’m part man which means we can stay together as long as forever, if that’s long enough for you.” (His turn to blush).




One thought on “tale weaver fairy tale prompt 69: fey observations

  1. Michael June 16, 2016 / 2:39 am

    And why would one not be blushing I ask myself. Lovely contribution to the Fairy Tale prompt…..


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