JD’s Microfiction #3: Shapes in the Mist: Avenging Angel II: the Bracknells


Josef Chelmonski

Jane posited some interesting questions about my response to #2 Burning Angel. I wanted to bring the story forward or backward. I tried writing a stand alone fantasy tale but just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Then this morning, I said “what if the narrator gets out of the burning building . . .” so the birds play only a small role.

Sorry Jane, once again I coloured outside the lines.

Still thought I wouldn’t get it posted in time. Always longer than 200. When I cut, I ended up adding. But here it is. A quote from last week to start.

Jane: I don’t know how you feel about serials for your Microfiction. Some hosts prefer beginning, middle and end. I understand why. So, if this is not what you had in mind, I’ll go stand alone. Hopefully with more ease next time, lol. And stick more to the image. I bought crayons for my adult colouring books so I’m practicing staying inside the lines, lol. Great image!

See JD’s Microfiction Burning Angel: Avenging Angel for all of part one

“We called ourselves Avenging Angel planning on gradually building our virtual angel on-line accompanied by applicable bible verses. Show up the local hypocrites. Fingers made his living hacking; he easily accessed the internet accounts of those targeted to receive our virtual Wickerman . . .pastiche. . . . Except, we woke up a real Avenging Angel. So, the moment we struck our virtual match, a real match scratched against the box. Flames lapped up the accelerant, doors and windows were blocked. . . .”

Part  2: Shapes in the Mist (#3): Avenging Angel: The Bracknells

Smoke seeped into the cabin as flames hungrily licked the ancient wood. The Avenging Angel was thorough: power cut, cellphones blocked, generator disabled. The information we were releasing to die with us.

“Die, not just yet.” Everyone seemed too freaked to formulate a plan. Except for Fingers. He reached into his voluminous knapsack, and pulled out a strangely glowing keyboard. Symbols, runic in nature, replaced letters and numbers. He plugged it into his computer, fried as it must be. His quick, nimble fingers flew across the board.

He looked up at me, realizing he had a witness. “Coming,” he said extending his hand as the fire caught the ceiling. I grabbed it, stuffing a flash drive with the information in my pocket.

His firm grasp grounded me as cabin faded, heat dissipating, replaced by a cool mist.

We were in a rookery of a sort. Huge birds wheeling, calling, and settling down on nests.

Fingers muttered, “Oh, Damn e uile gu ifrinn*” Louder, “Those are bracknells. Not the most pleasant of birds. Move slow and fluid, keep below horizon.”

As I bent over, sliding my feet along the slippery ground, I wondered if Fingers noticed the two glowing red eyes following us. {200}

* Scottish Gaelic for “Damn it all to hell.”


10 thoughts on “JD’s Microfiction #3: Shapes in the Mist: Avenging Angel II: the Bracknells

    • taleweavering July 7, 2016 / 2:14 pm

      Thanks, I have an idea about what the story is about, but I’m going to let prompts lead me along too.


  1. Jane Dougherty July 6, 2016 / 11:38 am

    I love serials, I do it myself all the time :) I think this episode gives the first one more of a point. It’s obvious there’s more of a story, and this episode though stand alone, could also lead into another segment. I hope you’ll start the next episode with the birds.


    • taleweavering July 6, 2016 / 12:38 pm

      That’s a wonderful idea, Jane. Glad you’re okay with serials. Some of my characters are just reoccurring, others find themselves travelling through a series of adventures in a row.


      • Jane Dougherty July 6, 2016 / 2:15 pm

        Sometimes an idea really takes hold and won’t be contained within a single short form. Just let the idea run itself to the end :)


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