night/morning therapy #20: the idiot, flowers and a nap

Of course, there is no guarantee that this will actually be published on July 11 – world population day. I didn’t get a picture yet, but I finished my first page in the Art Nouveau colouring book I was gifted. All done in crayon! Fun. I have a $1.00 pack of 24 Crayolas – thinking of expanding my horizons and pricing the next box up. I’m missing sky blue among others. There once were Crayola sharpeners – wonder if such items still exist?

Turns out the flower fiasco isn’t. “We” decided how to proceed, and since I helped with the placement decisions and ok’d some for our front garden, and side garden in future I feel like a “we”. These are gorgeous perennials, and the purple saliva unlike the red, were thick and bee attractants. It looks more like deep purple lavender. Somebody is coming tomorrow to plant – the watch will be on to make sure they don’t destroy established to plant new.

I napped, but did manage to wake up again 4 hours later – even if it was because of a leg cramp. I get them in my sleep, a “charley horse.” But my mind warns me, entering a dream or giving me one of straightening out my leg – that’s the key I’m about to cramp. Have to get up immediately and walk it off, even tho sometimes, I roll out of bed and have difficulty standing because I’m wrapped up in the sheets.

Self-Like: I still have the ability to listen, comment, and discuss with someone whom I’d rather not be listening to. I talked with the Idiot (landlady’s boyfriend), for at least 20 minutes without the landlady being there to interject. I can be polite. What I’m thinking might make me a bitch, but you would never know to look and listen to me. Is being polite to someone you despise, being, as my mother would say “two-faced”? Or a positive character trait? I’ll ponder that til next installment.


Some artsy-fartsy photo-computerizing. A picture of a selfie up on my computer screen. Another distraction and time waster. Still can’t get the f’ing text on photo to work. I’ve hear pixlr is an okay app. Need something.


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