JD’s Microfiction: Wheatfield: [Chorragan’s Story]


{In this story cycle, the Continuum Chronicles, we have heard the voice of the human narrator (Burning Angel and Shapes in the Mist) and a shape-shifter trading ales for tales (The Door to Seann Choille) It is now Chorragan’s (Fingers) turn to tell his share of the tale. He has dispensed with translations, using *asterisks* to denote words that have special Eldereze meanings or roots. There is a partial glossary at the end of Door to Seann Choille and a full glossary will be at the end of the the story cycle.}

The *continuum* is the trunk from which all branches of the story grow. The conduit within and between parallel universes. Most humans are ignorant to it’s existence. Stumbled upon, they then became one of the list of *Earth’s* “missing.”

As my mission on earth was a burning failure, I set *continuum coordinates* to escape. Only then did I realize she was watching me rather than the fire dancing above her head, consuming the ceiling. As a reflex, I stretched out my hand, and brought her through. (See Burning Angel and Shapes in the Mist)

A hot day’s march brought us to the gateway, portal to the the space where *old ways* and *elder days* still existed. A *magical*, *mythical*, but dangerous space for  *non-shape-shifters*. Before I could give her a protection talisman, or tattoo a map upon her arm, *East Wind*, wind of *Ancients* and evil, caught hold of her, pulling her through. Words of my enchantment key still slipped from my lips as I flung the gate open, and watched her back disappear into the forest gloom. (See Door to Seann Choille)

Had she not tread on amorphous moss making her footsteps glow, I scarce could have followed. I could not run like the wind, and despite all my training, my heart could soon explode from the exertion.

I burst through the forest into . . . a wheat field. All was unnaturally still and silent. Not a blade of grass, an insect, a cloud moved. The scene was captured like a photograph – it was merely the essence of a field. Only a locked continuum rivulet could cause such stillness. Very few had the ability to block it’s flow. A faint glimmer among bent wheat stalks suggested she had been dragged through as the continuum was closing. But what could a *continuum conjurer* want with a *human*?

Another reflex action, I headed due east along the drag marked path.

[Episode 4, Wheat field: Chorragan’s Tale in the Continuum Chronicles], for JD’s Microfiction Challenge #7 Wheat field.

{#1 Childhood is a stand alone, and numbers #3 Dr. Teagarten’s Exit and #6 [Bigalo Sad] Child involve the nefarious Dr. Teagarten.}


3 thoughts on “JD’s Microfiction: Wheatfield: [Chorragan’s Story]

  1. memadtwo August 1, 2016 / 1:29 pm

    I find the asterisks really distracting…maybe italicize the words instead? (K)


    • taleweavering August 2, 2016 / 8:03 am

      Thanks! I’m having problems figuring out how to introduce another language (old ways) and not make that distracting too. Thanks for letting me know * works no better.

      Liked by 1 person

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