I of night, you of day

Jane Dougherty’s # 43 poetry challenge, trilune, is too complex for me. Of course, a poem with a 3 moon theme was alright as well. This is a night poem, but the three moons mostly only figure in JD’s illustration by ©PhotoMKcray

So here is a free verse on night and day, so to say:


remember meeting in the great black out of ‘04

you no candles, I no batteries

only light the sparkles of luxuria that

zapped between our lips and what these aroused below

then only moans and words of one syllable

til that arrant shaft of light – the scream

you moved so fast, you creature of the day,

you wanted me as your creature of your nights

I am creature of the night, you the day

We shun our heritage

blackout curtains and night shifts

three circles of our moon

conserve our love

preserve our luxuria


© taleweavering phylor



7 thoughts on “I of night, you of day

  1. Jane Dougherty August 12, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    Luxurious in the old sense of the word. There’s something so sensual and romantic (which is rare) about blackouts and candles—’the sparkles of luxuria that zapped between our lips’ tremendous :)


    • taleweavering August 13, 2016 / 4:32 pm

      When we lived on a farm, the power went out on a regular basis. But the light of a kerosene heater just doesn’t have the ambience of candles. :)
      Oh, and thanks for the compliment — I like the word luxuria and try and use it whenever I can. I do have favourite words.


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