New Year’s Eve Flash Bash from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie 31.12.16


New Year’s Eve Flash Bash: Here’s what you’ll find if you visit Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, and check out my Flash Bash. A buffet table of 5 sorts of flash fiction to sample. Why not stop by and join the party – it will go past midnight to be sure.

Welcome to a New Year’s Eve Flash Bash. Tonight, I’m offering up a buffet table of flash fiction for you to sample from. I hope there is one that piques your interest.


Flash One: In 25 words or less: Using one of the photos provided, write a story in 25 words or less. Beginning, middle and end.


Or Flash Two: Tweet-tweet: Using one of the photos provided, write a tale of no more than 142 characters (thanks to Kat of like mercury colliding and her Twittering Tales for inspiration). Use this handy character counter when composing.


Or Flash Three: Selfies from the Edge: Take a selfie, post it and a piece of flash fiction (100 to 150 words) based on your picture. Include the selfie in your post.


Or Flash Four: Traditional Fare: Using one of the photos provided, write a story of 100 to 150 words. (Thanks to Priceless Joy of FFfAW, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Friday Fictioneers, and Al of Sunday Photo Fiction for inspiration)


Or Flash Five: Pot Luck: Choose a photo (yours or someone else’s – give accreditation) and write a piece of flash fiction 75 to 200 words based on the photo.


You’ll be able to link up to the prompt page and click on a Mr. Linky connection.


Since this is my party, my rules, you can submit your flash bash entries after midnight. And, one more champagne-induced indulgence: 75 to 200 words will work fine tonight – I’ll be counting down not up!


The idea is to have fun with a few different forms of flash – only a sampling of the many that are out there in the creative blogosphere.


Wishing you a bright, brilliant and flash{y} 2017. Let’s write together.

All photos: (c) Lorraine (click on some imagines for larger versions)



out of the blogging closet

black-and-white-1890445__340 veil

After blogging here from fall 2009 to 2016 as phylor, finally reaching an unheard of for me, number of followers and views, I stopped. I had been here as phylor too long, drifting. Still feeling on the outside.

Going through a strong emotional and life-defying crisis when the medications didn’t keep me stable, the antidepressants made me more depressed, and my body rebelled in a thousand ways. The prompting duties, like any duty, responsibility or task became too much and I bowed out to a gracious co-host. Who took me back, on spec, when I felt stronger later.

The followers didn’t follow, but I no longer pay attention to stats. I have gotten over stats and comments jealousy unless I’m fully encased in my bipolarsphere.

I shifted to another blog, as stated, to blend with a second personae who was not so separate at times – I’m not good at such things – and technologically had become increasingly difficult to keep apart. With variations, I blogged, still as a pseudo – not yet ready to reveal any more of myself. Oh, I spill my guts obviously and between the lines, keep up the pretense there is a veil before my face.

Then, in participating in an on-going challenge, the moderator asked what the heck to call me, I took a deep breath and said, “Lorraine.” One step closer to me. One layer of that veil removed.

I dance with my bubble maker on the lawn at times – or try too. Guess now it’s the dance of the six veils . . . .